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Lilian Raven Clothing
Specializes in teaching kids and adults the dying art of sewing. Our aim is to bring the wholesome exciting art of sewing back into schools and communities, sewing is a life long skill and a wonderful gift. Ignite the passion

We are known for our handmade custom cute stylish, clothing, as well as handmade boots and shoes, vintage and reconstructed or upscaled clothing

Lilian Raven Clothing seeks to bring out the inner Diva, and Dude with the Divine, Spirit that dwells in all of us. We want you to hold your head up high. Own Your Own Power. We are all determined by our walk, our talk and how you look, first impressions leave lasting impressions; do be not afraid. Always let your light shine.

Is a creation of founder Lilian Raven, Raven who originally came from the realm of celebrity stylist and Melrose fashion designer, Raven’s boutique was an avenue for funk laden, eclectic vibe clothes in a shop that is located on the most traveled shopping area on the west coast. Most importantly Raven wanted the clothing we wore to mean something, and still be functional and fashionable. The essence of Gladtees is to look good and feel good and inspire people.

The name GLAD in fact is an acronym for God Loves and Directs. Raven allowed God to Love and Direct her life and now produces a line of faith based t-shirts for her website, specialize in inspirational t-shirts to improve your day, elevate your thinking, provoke your thoughts or to give a little comfort and hope to those reading your t-shirt message.
The uniqueness of Glad tees is that 10% of your purchase goes to a charity of your choosing. 
If you wish your charity to be included on our list, please send us the information on yourself and the charity you wish us to include. 

Lemonade Millionaires
Is the urban fashion brand birthed by its 16 year old CEO and rapper Lil Litty. The concept came to life when he witnessed the upscale custom fashion brand Lilian Raven Clothing's style. They joined forces and infused the upscale, with the urban, the rich with the raw, the music and the fashion. The name Lemonade Millionaires, came from Lil Litty's entrepreneurial start of selling delicious lemonade throughout his neighborhood.